Oct 14

With the much anticipated release of the latest James Bond movie (Spectre, out in UK cinema’s from 26th October 2015) the latest Bond Theme (Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall) has been heavily played on the radio as have many of the previous themes.


Whilst listening to Carly Simon’s iconic ‘Nobody Does it Better’ from The Spy Who Loved Me, I couldn’t help thinking of Digel Menswear because to put it bluntly, in Menswear terms, ‘NOBODY does do it better!’


If you look at their latest offering for Autumn Winter 2015, it’s quite clear that as in previous seasons, their own particular ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ with the little extra touches that they offer.


Digel Menswear

Digel Menswear from Laurie Hopkins Menswear

A jetted pocket on the Wool and Cashmere trousers that matches identically to the trim used on the shirt and which is also to be found on the flower hole decoration of the Pure New Wool jacket.


The red bar-tacking of the trouser pockets to match the Red Button Holes and Prick Stitching on the lapel of the jacket.


Digel – the Bond Theme Song of Menswear!


May 9

Recently we have been asked if we can supply a lighter weight pure wool Masonic Suit for some of our customers as all they can find are ones that are made for the hire trade or the catering industry where the material needs to be quite heavy to stand up to the wear and tear these garments get.

We’ve managed to source a lovely Pure Wool Black Herringbone Jacket and Waistcoat (and Tailcoat if needed) that is quite obviously lighter in weight than the traditional hirewear garments and so we’ve decided to put these Morning Suits on-line for anyone needing a new Masonic Suit.

These Pure Wool Morning Suits are available in sizes from 34″ Chest to 60″ Chest and can either come with the traditional Charcoal Stripe trouser (poly/wool) or a matching pure wool Trouser.

You can buy your Pure Wool Morning Suit or Masonic Suit on-line by clicking the link.

Morning Suit or Masonic Suit now available on-line

Morning Suit or Masonic Suit now available on-line

Apr 25

Roll up, roll up, roll up – WHO WANTS A FREE PAIR OF TROUSERS?


Our great Buy a Jacket (or Suit) and get a FREE pair of trousers offer is back for the Spring Summer 2014.

It runs until May 31st 2014 and is on ALL ready to wear Sports Jackets or Suits that we currently have in stock, simply buy one of these and you will get a FREE pair of trousers to the value of £69.95.


Offer only applies to existing shop stock, not made to measure or any garments that have to be ordered in.

Offer ends 31st May 2014 – value of trouser up to £69.95, if you choose a pair that are more expensive, simply pay the difference.


Feb 15

As someone who is (to say the least) a little on the hefty side, I often worry about the fit of garments – SLIM FIT SUITS simply do not suit my body shape and so I tend to go for the more classic style yet I understand that many of our younger customers do want a SLIM FIT suit and particularly for when they are looking for suits for a wedding.

We now have a range of Grey and Black 3 piece suits suitable for weddings which not only come in the fashionable slim fit style but which are also available in a more classical standard fit.

Slim Fit or Classic Fit Grey Wedding Suit (available in Black also)

Slim Fit or Classic Fit Grey Wedding Suit (available in Black also)

These suits (which are to buy) are ideal for a wedding party consisting of the Groom and his attendants, Fathers and even Grand Fathers. Cut from the same cloth, the Slim Fit Wedding Suit is ideal for the younger members of the wedding party and the classic fit wedding suit allows those who are not keen on the slim fit to still appear to be wearing the same suit as the others.

Here at Laurie Hopkins Menswear, we also have a fantastic special offer for the 2014 wedding season where if you require 6 or more of these suits for your wedding party, you can buy a 3 piece wedding suit for the price of a 2 piece wedding suit – that’s right, if there are 6 or more in your party we will give you a matching waistcoat for FREE for each 2 piece suit you buy.

The Slim fit wedding suit and the classic fit wedding suit are the same price £185 for a 2 piece and the waistcoat is £45.00.

The Slim Fit jacket ranges from 34″ Chest (Reg & Short) up to 54″ Chest (Reg and Short) with 36″ – 50″ coming in Long fit also.

The Classic fit wedding suit Ranges from 34″ – 60″ in Reg & Short, 36″ – 54″ in Long and 40″ – 52″ in Extra Long.

So if your searching for Slim Fit Wedding Suits or Classic Fit Wedding Suits in either Silver Grey or Black then here at Laurie hopkins Menswear, we might just have the solution to your problem.

Nov 1

We’ve added our latest Autumn/Winter 2013 Viyella shirts to our online store SHIRTNLY.COM
You can now buy them online or in the shop, whichever is more convenient for you.


Or simply click on each image to be taken to it’s specific page.

Check Viyella 80% Cotton 20% Wool Shirt

Autumnal Shade Check Viyella 80% Cotton 20% Wool Shirt

Mustard Check Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Mustard Check Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Tattersall Check Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Tattersall Check Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Green Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Green Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Navy Viyella 80% Cotton 20% Wool Shirt

Navy Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Red Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Red Viyella 80% Cotton and 20% Wool Shirt

Oct 19

IT’S BACK! Our FREE trouser offer is back by popular demand and will run until Saturday 30th November 2013.

Simply buy any Sports Jacket or Suit and get a FREE pair of trousers up to the value of £69.95



Jul 23

Spring Summer 2013 Sale now

The Genuine Spring Summer 2013 sale is now on at Laurie Hopkins Menswear, Lindley.

There are literally 1000’s of bargains to be had in our Menswear store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Included in the sale are Meyer Trousers, Gabicci Knitwear, Viyella Shirts, Seidensticker Shirts, Fynch Hatton shirts and knitwear as well as Mens ready to wear suits and Sports Jackets.

Don’t miss out on the many bargains – hurry on down to one of  the best menswear sales in Yorkshire.

Jul 5

Date: Friday 5th July 2013!

As well as being the hottest day of the year so far, today is also the Men’s Semi Final day at Wimbledon – with the exception of perhaps the final on Sunday or the first day of the Ashes Test series (which is on Wednesday), today is one of the most summery days that you can possibly get here in the UK and yet here we are taking delivery of and pricing up our entire order of Autumn/Winter 2013 Meyer Wool Cords and Meyer Cavalry Twill trousers!

You would be hard pressed to find any heavier or more wintry trousers anywhere yet we have them in stock now and on the hottest day of the year.

When they arrived, I remeber saying to Jayne, ‘as if we are going to sell any of these any time soon!’ yet the ink was hardly dry on the price labels when a customer tried on a pair of Charcoal Grey Cavalry Twill trousers complete with the fantastic Meyer ‘expander waist’ and bought them!

Meyer Wool Cords and Cavalry Twill trousers now in stock at Laurie Hopkins Menswear.


Jun 30

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy both at work and socially and have been meaning to make a blog post here for the last 2 weeks but never got around to it, until today that is when I have to admit to a ‘schoolboy error’ on my behalf about how I was incorrectly dressed!

I have had 2 Saturdays off recently, one to go to York Races on a stag do and then yesterday to go to the wedding.

It was whilst on the stag do that I had an idea for a post on here as to be honest I couldn’t believe how many men were at York Races wearing either a new jacket or a new suit. I could tell they were new garments because many had left the designers label on the sleeve and/or left the vents tacked up at the back – you know the look, a couple of big white cotton X’s on each side of the vent if it’s side vents or a single one if it’s a centre vent.

Now, whilst it might seem a good idea to let everyone know you’ve got an expensive designer jacket on, it’s not and the cuff labels should always be removed before wearing as leaving it on is a ‘little naff!’

As for the vents, these should always be opened as to be honest, you don’t want everyone to know you have a new jacket on or they might think you’ve borrowed it!

So that said, now it’s time for me to ‘fess up!’

This Saturday (29th June 2013), my wife and I attended the wedding of our Niece to her fiancé. For the occasion, I was wearing a stunning new suit, it was a French Navy single breasted Super 100’s by Digel and with this I wore a Rocola Blue on Blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs, a Gold knitted silk tie and Tan Loake shoes, if I do say so myself, I felt great and was so confident that this was the look.

All was going well, the day was great and we were having a drink in the bar before the ceremony commenced when I went to get my wallet out of my back pocket, imagine my horror to find out, I had left the vents tacked up! What a school boy error!


May 14

Often we get asked, “Which should I get, a 2 piece or a 3 piece made to measure suit?”

There really is no set rule, it very much is whichever would suit your purpose the most however, one tip we always give to people is that a suit consisting of Jacket, Waistcoat and trousers can be both a 3 piece and a 2 piece suit but a 2 piece can never be a 3 piece!

A 3 piece suit not only gives you the option of wearing the Jacket and Trousers as a 2 piece, you can also wear the Trousers and Waistcoat with a contrasting Sports Jacket to give a alternative to the simple ‘jacket and trouser’ look.

This look was worn recently by David Gandy (the world’s top male ‘super model’) when he appeared on the Alan Carr Chatty Man show.

David Gandy on Chatty Man

David Gandy on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man


His simple plain trouser and waistcoat combination was contrasted beautifully with a Window Pane checked Sports Jacket and accessorised with a plain tie and patterned top pocket handkerchief – absolutely stunning.

Why not call into Laurie Hopkins Menswear in Lindley to discuss how we might help you to achieve a similar look or alternatively, why not contact us via our Travelling Tailor service and arrange a mutually convenient appointment for us to visit you?

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